Reggie Wayne Out For Season: Finding New Fantasy Football Wide Receivers


When it Waynes, it pours. Reggie Wayne has officially been ruled out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL. While you may not be freaking out as much as Julio Jones owners did, this still puts a whole in your lineup that you are going to need to immediately fix.

So who can you add in this point of the season that will help your team return to normalcy and who has the opportunity to put up numbers on the board each week?

Reggie Wayne Replacement Options

1. Harry Douglas- I actually talked him up in the beginning of the season, and if you had a spot for him and added him last week, your early pick up of him should pay off for the rest of the season. He is currently only owned in 37.7 of ESPN standard leagues, but that number will drastically jump up on Wednesday. If you don’t own him, make sure to put a bid in for him on Tuesday.

2. Jarrett Boykin- With Randall Cobb out, James Jones trying to come back from an injury, and the tough hit that put Jermichael Finley in the ICU(I hope that he is alright and can come through this), Jarret Boykin had a nice day with a touchdown and 103 receiving yards. The Packers have some beautiful match ups with Minnesota, Philly, The Giants, and Minnesota again in their next four out of five games. This game could have been his season, but you aren’t risking much if you claim him. He is currently owned in less than 2% of leagues.

3. DeAndre Hopkins- I drafted him in most of my leagues, but I dropped him because of the dreadful quarterback situation that was going on in Houston. Now with Case Keenum behind the wheel, there could be a little bit more love going Hopkins way. If Keenum latches onto Hopkins and makes him his go to guy, Hopkins has the talent to take advantage of it. He has a lower value than Douglas or Boykin, but he could become a more consistent option from week to week.

4. Terrance Williams- I heard an analysis from beat writers in Dallas, and they said that Williams was drafted as a warning to Miles Austin. Austin does not seem to be a threat anymore, and with DeMarco Murray hurt again, the Cowboys are going to throw the ball more. Williams is currently owned in 50% of leagues, so this would be the week to add him.

5. Riley Cooper- As long as Foles is the quarterback, I would have no problem playing Cooper. Keep an eye on that concussion though.

6. Kendall Wright- He is quietly having a nice little season, especially in PPR, and he is only owned in 35% of leagues. With Jake Locker back, Wright’s value should be on the rise.

If you were using Wayne as a flex, check out this guy from Tampa:

Mike James- With conflicting report about Doug Martin having a torn labrum that may end his season, Mike James will most likely start Thursday against Carolina. If you scoop him up you may be able to trade him to a Doug Martin owner for some more depth at wide receiver.

If you were feeling stressed out over loosing Wayne, I hope some of these options will you bring you to a nice even mellow.

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