Kyle Rudolph: Why The Love?

All preseason the general consensus for Kyle Rudolph was that his value was entirely dependent on touchdowns. If you look at his fantasy output this year, 2 points, 10 points, 2 points, 0 points, and 15 points, you already know exactly what games he had a touchdown. He has a total of 29 points this season, so while in Week 6 he had 97 receiving yards and a touchdown, I do not understand why everyone all of a sudden has jumped back in his wagon. Analysts don’t even really say that they think Freeman is going to help to improve Rudolph stats, and the main argument is for giving him a high projection is that he had a good game last week. Have you even seen his other games bro? The Giants give anyone the opportunity to put a bunch of points on the board, but I am not buying into the Kyle Rudolph hype. I think the analysts are just hoping for the chance to pick Kyle Rudolph and have him disappoint them so they can say “Oops. 3 catches for 34 yards, that is the Kyle Rudolph we know”. I will totally admit if I am wrong on this, but I would look for different options at tight end.

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