Fantasy Football Focus: Tom Brady


When it came time for my pick in the 5th round of the draft this year, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Tom Brady was still on the board, and I picked him up! After years of hoping that this would be the year for Phillip Rivers, I finally had an elite quarterback and thought I had a steal picking him up in the 5th round. Tony Romo was available in the 12th round, and I had to add him just because of the value. We are getting closer and closer to the fantasy playoffs, and Brady is averaging 12.3 points a game in ESPN standard scoring leagues. While the Patriot’s record may not indicate it, they are struggling offensively and are not the Patriots of old. Last year I prided myself on making some mid season-late waiver wire pickups that helped me reach the playoffs and allowed me to finish in 4th place in a 12 team league after a 1-5 start. Right now I see someone else that may help me make that same run.

In his last three games that he has played, Locker has racked up 27, 18, and 21 points. While his 27 point game was against the Chargers, he also faced the tough pass defenses of the Jets and San Francisco. In his next four games, Locker faces the Rams, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and the Raiders. Mr. Brady will be facing Pittsburgh, Carolina, Denver, and Houston. Even if the Patriots do start clicking more, you have to love the matchups that Locker will have. I guarantee you that people will be picking up Locker just to start him against Jacksonville, so you might as well beat them to the punch and have a quarterback that can take you through the playoffs.

Tom Brady is the bigger name, but name recognition and nostalgia doesn’t run your team. You do.

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