Colts Receivers To Watch Out For


As many predicated and hoped for, T.Y. Hilton became Andrew Luck’s favorite receiver Sunday night with 7 catches for 121 yards and three touchdowns. Hilton had the most targets with 12, and Griff Whalen had the second most targets with 9. With that being said, teams will start to double team Hilton and try to take him out of the game, and with Trent Richardson not doing much of anything, the Colts will be throwing the ball a ton.

It is hard to tell after one game who else might emerge, but Colby Fleener may finally start to separate himself from the pack if Hilton has the defense’s attention. LaVon Brazil is also someone you want to keep your eye on. He has good speed once he has some daylight infront of him, and he could sneak in the end zone if he is given some deep routes to run.

While Hilton should be a solid starter from here on out, this will probably be his best game of the year. Every fantasy football player took notice of what Hilton did Sunday, but so did every team that the Colts will be facing in the next couple of weeks.

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