Friendly Fantasy Football Blogging Competition: Calling All Fantasy Football Bloggers


In the spirit of competition and getting to know and work with some other fantasy football bloggers, I would like to submit a challenge for a Sit Start Column. We each pick four players at QB, RB, WR, TE, and DEF(two we would start and two we would sit), and we see ends up with the better picks. If you win, not only will you receive unlimited bragging rights, but this could become a reoccurring column. If interested please leave a comment.

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  1. QB:

    Start: Matt Stafford, Phillip Rivers
    Sit: Cam Newton, Matt Ryan

    Start: Zac Stacy, Chris Johnson
    Sit: Lamar Miller, Stephen Jackson


    Start: Keenan Allen, Cecil Shorts
    Sit: Torrey Smith, Hakeem Nicks


    Starts: Jordan Reed, Antonio Gates
    Sit: Jared Cook, Greg Olsen


    Start: Titans, Colts
    Sit: Bears, Bengals

  2. Hey Cap’n!

    Sorry I’m a bit late! I hope you don’t mind some of the obvious (Graham against the Cowboys looks like a 3-td game), and a few umbrella sits (I think ATL and GB look like they might be hurting this week).


    Start: Matt Stafford and Philip Rivers
    Sit: Colin Kaepernick and Matt Ryan


    Start: Chris Johnson and Reggie Bush
    Sit: Steven Jackson and Rashad Jennings


    Start: Wes Welker and T.Y. Hilton
    Sit: ATL Receivers and GB Receivers (take your pick!:))


    Starts:Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates
    Sits: Heath Miller and Greg Olsen


    Start: Tennessee Titans and Cincinnati Bengals
    Sit: Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins

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