Sit Start Week 11: Captain Jack vs Fantasy Football Crew vs Fantasy Football Toolkit

We have a great Sit Start column this week with guest The Fantasy Football Crew and The Fantasy Football Toolkit. One of the best things about fantasy football is that it can connect together people from all different backgrounds, and I am glad my fellow fantasy football bloggers have helped to spread this connection through a weekly Sit Start Column. The clock is winding down for you to make your playoffs, so check out our advice to help you reach postseason glory.

Captain Jack’s Picks



RG3 and Pierre Garcon have brought back some of their chemistry from the 2012 season in the past few games, and I fully expect that to continue against the Eagle’s 31st pass defense. With Alfred Morris running strong and new weapons like Jordan Reed emerging, RG3 will be able to to make some big things happen on play action that should result in some nice fantasy production.

RB- Danny Woodhead

You have to love Woodhead this week(especially in a PPR). With the recent distractions in Miami, I thought one of two things would have happened against Tampa Bay.

1. The Dolphins would rally around each other and come together to blow Tampa out of the water

2. The Dolphins would have a hard time dealing with the distractions and look sloppy

The latter seemed to prove to be true, and I think Woodhead has the potential to be a top ten running back option this week due to his ability to gain a high amount of all purpose yards. The Dolphins defense are ranked 16th against the pass which will allow Woodhead to gain a good amount of receiving yards, and they are ranked 25th against the run, so he could have a solid day on the ground as well. I am not afraid of any sort of time share with Ryan Matthews, and I think Woodhead and Matthews could each have a big day without hurting each others fantasy production.

WR- Riley Cooper

I am fully drinking the cool aid. After watching the first game that Foles started this season, I wrote about how Cooper seems to be Nick Foles go to guy, and previous numbers from the season before showed that Foles and De’Sean Jackson did not always have the best chemistry. I think Jackson is such a talented player that he is going to get his looks from Foles, but Foles and Cooper seem to have the best connection on the team. Cooper is still available in about 35% of ESPN leagues, so if you are in a league where the jury is still out on him and he is available, I would scoop him up right now and start him.

TE- Jordan Reed

If you can go base fantasy decisions off of patterns, since Week 6 Reed has hauled in 4 passes, 9, 8, 4, and 6. I would bet that Reed is going to haul in between 6-9 passes against the Eagles, and one of them is going to be a touchdown. Even though the Eagles have only allowed 1 touchdown to opposing tight ends this year, they also have only faced a few top twenty tight ends in fantasy football. With the Eagle’s 31st pass defense mentioned earlier, Reed should be in a line for a good game.

DEF- Arizona

This honestly has the feeling of a trap game, and I actually do think that the Jaguars have a good shot to win this. While the Cardinals defense is ranked 20th against the pass, they are currently 3rd against the run. I am a huge fan of MJD, but he hasn’t lit the fantasy football world on fire this year, and if he struggles then the Jags will be forced to pass. Even against the 20th pass defense, the Cardinals should be able to keep it close and cause some turnovers that could go for a pick six. Survival pools have made the Cardinals defense the darlings of the NFL this week, and hopefully they can live up to that image at least for this week.


QB- Matt Ryan

Harry Douglas, and Tony Gonzalez are hurt, and Roddy White is currently probable but will be on Revis island all day Sunday against Tampa Bay. This has nothing to do with Ryan’s talent and is purely based on the fact that he may just not have anyone at all to throw to.

RB- Ben Tate

Anyone  who has had any type of rib injury knows that it hurts to laugh, let alone get tackled and have a 300 pound man do a belly flop on you. Oakland surprisingly has the 7th best pass defense, and with Tate’s injury and the physicality of Oakland, I can’t see Tate having a great day.

WR- Steve Smith

Bill Belichick having two weeks to prepare for a game is scary. I don’t think that this game is going to be as close as people think, and I think with the Patriots becoming healthier on offense, they are starting to peak at the right time. While the Patriots have one of the worse run defenses, they currently have the 12th best pass defense in the league. This should lead to less throwing and more running from Cam Newton. I fully expect the Patriots to try and take Smith away as an option, and with Stewart, Tolbert, and Williams in the mix for the Panther’s running game, look for a stronger ground game then a passing game on Monday night.

TE- Charles Clay

After having a decent start in the beginning of the season, Clay has racked up 6 points, 3 points, 3 points, and 2 points in his last four games. There are not a ton of options at this point for tight end, but you are going to want to look else where when the Dolphins play the Chargers this weekend.

DEF- Kansas City

They have been proving haters wrong all season, but even if the Chiefs beat the Broncos, Peyton Manning is going to put points on the board even if he has crutches out on the field, and unfortunately the Chiefs will face the Broncos again in Week 13. Look for some defense fillers for Week 11 and Week 13.

The Fantasy Football Crew Sit Start (

Start Em!

Case Keenum 

In the Texan’s last two games, Keenum has thrown for 551 yards, six touchdowns, and no interceptions. A bit of a step up from the Matt Schaub fiasco that started out the season. Keenum’s stats are something that fantasy owners cannot continue to shrug off and ignore. He is still available in most leagues on and he needs to be owned immediately. With the Raiders next on the schedule, Keenum will do what Eli couldn’t against Oakland, hit his open receivers. The Raiders defense has been questionable to say the least and you can gaurantee the Keenum-Johnson connection will take full advantage.

Chris Johnson

When CJ2K fumbled on his very first touch last week against the Jags, I think we all just had a feeling it would be one of those days. The Jaguars took an early lead on them and it really cut into Johnson’s touches and production. This is no reason to even question whether or not you should start him against a Colts defense that has more holes in it than the Ozone layer. Now that Locker (foot) is out for the season, this only means they will lean on the run game even more. Expect CJ to be involved early and often this Thursday night’s game.

Harry Douglas

As I stated in last week’s Start/Sit, Douglas has been very inconsistent since his coming out party but that is likely to change this week. The Falcons will face a Tampa Bay team that after 10 weeks of the NFL season are in the past, have gotten their first win. While in route to their first W last Monday night, the Bucs let Rishard Matthews score 20+ fantasy points while replacing the injured Brandon Gibson. The Bucs are also averaging 24.5 fantasy points to opposing WR’s over the last four weeks. With Roddy White now healthy, he is likely to have an all-expenses paid vacation to Revis Island, leaving Douglas to fill that Matthews role.

Jordan Cameron

Cameron was a big name sleeper coming out of the gates red hot in the early-goings of this season. However, with all of the QB controversy and changes in Cleveland, it has been hard for Cameron to adapt and get that same chemistry as he had. Coming off a bye week, I am liking Cameron. Not to mention the double-digit points he posted last time they squared off with Cincy.

Buffalo Bills D/ST

With not very many favorable matchups for defenses this week, the Bills are a team you cannot ignore. They have been relatively solid all season and now they have a nice matchup against a Jets team that is very much improved, but still no stranger to turnovers. Expect the Bills to put up decent numbers as a sleeper defense this week.

Sit Em!

Ray Rice

It seems as though Rice has become a regular in the Sit category this season. Sad to see for a guy who was most likely drafted in the first round in your league. While the match-up may look good on paper against Chicago, I strongly urge Rice owners to think twice before plugging him into your lineup. Whether you want to blame the early season injury or the miserable offensive line, Rice has never been able to gain momentum this season. To make matters worse, many rumors have been circulating that the Ravens will start to give more work to Bernard Pierce until Rice can pull himself together. All of this nonsense just once again, means Rice belongs on your bench.

Terrelle Pryor

Pryor has thrown a whopping zero touchdowns and five interceptions over the last four weeks. The MCL injury is a little more serious than Pryor and the team had lead on. To make things worse, only 11 teams give up less fantasy points to QB’s than the Texans. Expect Pryor’s struggles to continue at Houston.

AJ Green

Last time these divisional rivals squared up, Mighty Mouse Joe Haden held Green to just 51 yards. The Bengals were forced to hit him on a bunch of quick slant routes and he was unable to break free the entire game. He is still playable in PPR leagues for that same reason but Green owners beware this week. I wouldn’t expect to see vastly different results than last time these two faced off. If you have depth at WR, bench AJ for someone with a more favorable matchup.

Timothy Wright

Wright has been a popular sleeper this season at TE. However, last week against Miami he was almost nonexistent and actually sat out quite a few snaps. Not a very favorable matchup this week just adds to the fact that Wright should be benched this week!

Carolina Panthers D/ST

I was one of the few people who were raving in the off-season about how great Carolina defense will be this year. They have been very solid as I regularly start them in three of fantasy leagues. That being said, it is not until recently, the football world has finally started to notice how good they really are. After shutting down a hot Niners team, the hype on Carolina’s defense is at an all-time high. This Monday night’s game, Carolina’s defense will have their hands full Tom Brady and company coming off a bye week. With Vereen most likely to return this week, it just adds another weapon to an offense with plenty ammo already. I am not gonna roll the dice on Carolina’s defense this week.

Fantasy Football Toolkit (


Starts: Cm Newton and Russell Wilson
Sits: Tom Brady and Colin Kaepernick

Starts: LeSean McCoy and Alfred Morris
Sits: Ray Rice and CJ Spiller/Fred Jackson

Starts: Vincent Jackson and Doug Baldwin (Riley Cooper is up there too)
Sits: AJ Green and Greg Jennings

Starts: Antonio Gates and Coby Fleener
Sits: Heath Miller and Charles Clay

Starts: Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills
Sits: Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers

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