What To Do With Trent Richardson


If you own Trent Richardson like I do in one of my leagues, you aren’t going to like what I have to tell you. You have to keep him. He is well past being able to be traded by name alone, and any somewhat competitive fantasy football player knows that despite what the Colts say, Donald Brown is the go to guy on the ground because of his pass catching ability and is more productive when he has been running the ball.

The reason you have to keep him is simple. You can’t get anything for him. No one wants him on their team, and there isn’t anyone on the waiver to pick up that you could possibly start right now. Shane Vereen is still available in about 28% of ESPN leagues and you can find Mark Ingram in about 30% of leagues, but you have probably found better options at this point, and you hopefully have not been relying on Richardson for any type of fantasy production for at least several weeks. The Colts will face Arizona, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Houston, and Kansas City for the rest of the fantasy football season, and as you can see this schedule is far from a cake walk. Arizona is 3rd against the run, Cincinnati is 9th, and Houston is 16th.

This is one of those things in fantasy football that you just have to accept. He may have been your first round pick, but you have to accept that he has to ride your bench for the rest of the year. He could come back stronger next year with an off season and a training camp to help him better familiarize himself with the Colts rushing attack, but the 2013-2014 is lost for any value from Trent Richardson.

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