SiriusXM Fantasy Football Salary Cap Challenge Week 12


There hasn’t been a ton of improvement in my arms race to have the top spot in a given week to be a guest on one of the SiriusXM Fantasy Football shows, but I will press on as I have been all season. I am currently 762 out of 7703 players, so that isn’t too shabby. My team performed decent in Week 12, but Ben Tate and Vincent Jackson held me back. I thought Montee Ball would be hit or miss, and he ended up being mostly a miss. Here was my roster from Week 12.

Newton, Cam CAR QB 22.80
Ball, Montee DEN RB 8.70
Lacy, Eddie GBP RB 27.80
Tate, Ben HOU RB 7.70
Boldin, Anquan SFO WR 26.40
Boykin, Jarrett GBP WR 17.00
Jackson, Vincent TBB WR 8.10
Fleener, Coby IND TE 15.50
Bironas, Rob TEN PK 11.30
Packers, Green Bay GBP Def 8.00
Total: 153.30

There are some tight ends who are emerging as reliable options that you can get for much cheaper than guys like Gronk and Jimmy Graham, so combine that with targeting a strong Quarterback for Week 13, and I think I should have a good week.

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