Sit Start Week 12 Results


It was not the greatest week for the Start column in Week 12 for Captain Jack and The Fantasy Football Crew ( )

The Crews’ picks of Case Keenum(4 points *standard scoring*), Frank Gore(3 points), Vincent Jackson (6 points), Greg Olsen(9 points), and the Panthers defense(6 points) accumulated to 28 points. My picks of Cam Newton(19 points), Shane Vereen(9 points), Erick Decker(0 Points), Garret Graham(3 points), and the Chiefs D(-7 points) gave me a whopping total of 24 points.

Our Sit column was much better however. Between telling people to sit RG3, Bobby Rainey, Jason Campbell, Lamar Miller, and The Colts defense, we might have helped a few people out in Week 12.

Our friends at the Fantasy Football Toolkit ( ) made some nice calls on starting Zac Stacy, Rashad Jennings, Coby Fleener, and they also told users to sit Ray Rice and Trent Richardson. They had a few hiccups as well though on the wide receiver end starting Victor Cruz and Vincent Jackson and sitting Mike Wallace, but if we could see into the future we would probably be putting hundreds of dollars on Fanduel or Draftstreet and relaxing on a beach somewhere.

The old Fantasy Football Crew has bested me three times in a row now, but I have a secret weapon up my sleeve. Our Sit Start will be coming out on Wednesday, so make sure to check it out.

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