Aaron Rodgers Week 15


Week 15 is not looking very promising for an Aaron Rodgers return. On the radio show ESPN 540 Milwaukee, Rodgers discussed some of the pain he felt when he went through individual drills last week.  “I shouldn’t be having pain doing some of the simple movements”.

Rodgers gave a general game plan of what he is planning to do through the rest of this week, but if he was experiencing pain “doing some of the simple movements”, it looks like Matt Flynn will be leading the Packer offense in Week 15.

One of the trickiest questions in all of this, is whether or not Flynn is worth starting against the 32nd ranked Dallas pass defense that is currently allowing close to 300 passing yards a game. Hopefully you aren’t relying purely on Aaron Rodgers to help you make it through the next two weeks, but if you have been switching between different waiver wire quarterbacks, Flynn may be one of your best options this week.

This appears to be what the run down for the rest of the week will be for Rodgers. “I’m going to practice tomorrow and try and do some of things I did last week without pain,” Rodgers said. “See how my body responds to it on Thursday and go from there.”

Pay attention to his practice tomorrow to see if there is any type of indication on what the status of Rodgers will be.


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