Fantasy Football Focus: Sitting Adrian Peterson


All indications are pointing to Adrian Peterson sitting out against the Eagles, but just in case he is involved in some way shape or form, guest columnist Kristina Bravo provides reasons why as much as it may hurt you, you need to avoid Mr. Peterson.

If the Minnesota Vikings don’t do it for you, show some self restraint and sit Adrian Peterson.  I know, I know, it hurts. He was your number one pick and he’s given you some nice moments.  Remember a few weeks ago when he gave you 211 rushing yards against the Bears?  That was nice.  But this week, he needs to sit down.

Nursing an ankle injury is one thing, but a 3-9-1 record and no hope of making into the playoffs is entirely another.  The Vikings need to protect their stud.  Even if he does play, there’s a good chance he will get limited touches or, even worse, re-injure himself against an underrated defense in the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles defense is currently ranked 15th in average rushing yards and points allowed by a running back.  That’s snugly placed in between the Seahawks and Chiefs, two of the most highly touted defenses this year.

Remember, the Eagles are sitting in first place in the NFC East, and despite the Cowboys doing their usual best to shoot themselves in the foot and make sure they miss the playoffs, every win does count in that division.

The Eagles have the fifth best team on turnovers too, and with a struggling gaggle of Quarterbacks in Minnesota, there’s a good chance of at least a couple interceptions limiting time of possession for Minnesota.

Adrien Peterson is who he is; he is going to fight to play come Sunday. And we all know what he is capable of coming off injury, but if the Vikings organization knows what’s best for their star, they will rest him to fight for another day.

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