Adrian Peterson and Your Fantasy Football Playoff Team


Some of you much like myself have suffered a double whammy of loosing both Adrian Peterson and Rob Gronkowski in Week 14. While there are still decent options out there for tight end, trying to find a running back to replace Adrian Peterson for your playoff matchup is pretty damn hard.

I present you with yet another conundrum that some fantasy owners are facing right now. What if you have Reggie Bush? Along with Gronk and Peterson, I have Reggie Bush on of my fantasy football team as well. I went pretty strong most of the year using Peterson and Bush as my two running backs, and I have Fred Jackson who I would use as my flex most of the time. I am not planning on using AP, but what if Bush can’t go? The only three running backs I have on my team are A.P., Bush, and Jackson. I now have to dive head first in the waiver wire to try and find some running back who can at least help me survive my matchup.

My immediate pickup was Toby Gerhart(owned in 13% of ESPN standard leagues). He is at least an obvious choice for me because of Adrian Peterson’s injury. Gerhart himself suffered a hamstring injury during the Ravens game, so I will still need to keep track of his status throughout the week. Nate Burleson was riding my bench the past few weeks, so it was not a major loss to give up Burleson for Gerhart. As sad as it was to see, I also removed Gronk from my lineup and picked up James Starks(owned in 16.9% of ESPN standard leagues). With Eddie Lacy a little banged up and the Dallas defense allowing the most fantasy football points to opposing running backs, I like having the option to use Starks.

Hopefully you aren’t in this position, but if you are, these are the two running backs I would consider starting in Week 15.

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