Week 15 Weather Report


To put it eloquently , the weather in some of the games last week was simply redonkulous. At one point in the Ravens game, there was a snow plow that almost hit some of the Vikings players because their white uniforms blended in with the snow. Extreme conditions like these are sometimes ignored by newer fantasy football players, but it is very important to keep an eye on these situations as it can drastically effect your players’ performance. Kristen Bravo breaks down some of the games you should be keeping an eye out for.

If you were like me last week and cursing the weather gods Sunday afternoon, begging for the Lions through your TV to kick an extra point, then you likely weren’t expecting the litany of issues inclement weather brought to the games.  This week, however, will be different.  Here are the forecasts in the areas of all of Sunday’s outdoor weather games as of late Saturday night*:

Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns: 25° F/ -4° C With a Chance of Snow 15 – 20 MPH winds

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars: 63° F/ 17° C With Rain Showers 8-11 MPH winds

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins: 83° F/ 28° C With a Chance of a Thunderstorm 7-8 MPH winds

Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants: 38° F/ 3° C Partly Cloudy 11-14 MPH winds

San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  72° F/ 22° C With Rain Showers 7-8 MPH winds

New York Jets at Carolina Panthers: 49° F/ 9° C Clear Skies 6-8 MPH winds

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders: 59° F/ 15° C Clear Skies 1-4 MPH winds

Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans: 36° F/ 2° C Partly Cloudy 3-7 MPH winds

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers:  22° F/ -6° C Overcast 13 MPH winds

*All other games this week will be played in covered stadiums.

Keep in mind wet weather can negatively impact the field and the ball, making it slippery for footing and for throwing.  Colder weather can also make the ball harder physically, limiting distance on punts and field goals for the kicker.  High winds also impact quarterback accuracy and kicker accuracy.

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