How Old Should Your Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Be?


I wrote an article back in November that reviewed the ages of the highest scoring wide receivers in standard scoring leagues up until that point. You can find the article here ( ). My interest in the idea of associating age with production came from Jonathan Bales “Fantasy Football For Smart People: What The Experts Don’t Want You To Know”, and Mr. Bales shows that ages 25-27 are normally the most productive years for wide receivers. The numbers were very accurate when I ran them in November, and here is how it turned out for the end of the fantasy football season.

Top 5 Receivers In Standard Scoring Leagues

1. Josh Gordon- 22

2. Demaryius Thomas- 26

3. Calvin Johnson- 28

4. A.J. Green- 25

5. Brandon Marshall- 29

Average Age Of Top Five Players-: 26

6. Antonio Brown- 25

7. Dez Bryant- 25

8. Erick Decker- 26

9. Alshon Jeffery- 23

10. DeSean Jacson- 27

Average Age Of Players 6-10: 25.2 

11. Jordy Nelson- 28

12. Andre Johnson- 32

13. Vincent Jackson- 30

14. Pierre Garcon- 27

15. Anquan Boldin- 33

Average Age Of Players 11-15: 30 

16. Larry Fitzgerald- 30

17. Keenan Allen- 21

18. Julian Edelman- 27

19. Torrey Smith- 24

20. T.Y. Hilton- 24

Average Age Of Players 16-20: 25.2

Average Age Of Top 20 Wide Receivers: 26.6 

I know personally that I am going to use these factors for my drafts in 2014. Everyone always wants to know how they can get inside information or out draft their opponents. Well my friends, this is one of the ways to do that.

Authored by Jack Delaney

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