Zero Running Back Strategy: Cheap Non- Rookie Running Back Targets

If you hate the idea of drafting another running back who turns into a bust, you are already a fan of the Zero Running Back Strategy

When you are selecting your running backs using this strategy, you find yourself looking for players with upside. That upside normally revolves around injuries to starters, and there seem to be a ton of rookie who will benefit from any unfortunate circumstances to the starters. You may not feel comfortable on having a bench full of rookies, however, so I want to supply you with a list of non-rookies who you will feel comfortable adding to your team. If you don’t like your team, what is the point of playing? 

Using the ADP data for running backs from Fantasy Football Calculator, these are some of the best non-rookie running backs who are still available before the 10th round of your draft: 

Zero Running Back Strategy


Each of these running backs was used more than your probably realized during the season last year. Bernard Pierce is locked in as the starter for at least two games, and if Ray Rice can not produce upon his return, you would be the proud owner of a running back who will be a starter for an offense run by Gary Kubiak. With 152 rushing attempts, Pierce was a very active member of the offense. 

I love Bryce Brown, but Fred Jackson is still a value in the eighth round and should be the leader of the rushing attack to start the season. We have no idea what is going to happen with C.J. Spiller, and Jackson remains as the most consistent option for the Buffalo Bills‘ rushing attack. Jackson actually had an ADP in the eighth round last season, so we know the type of upside he can bring to the table with such a late pick. 

I wasn’t sure what to make of Danny Woodhead most of the offseason, but he was slowly made his way into my value list. For starters, he was actually a top-20 running back in standard scoring leagues last season, and he finished with second-most receptions of any running back. Between his rushing totals and receiving yards, Woodhead compiled 1,034 all-purpose yards, and his contract extension suggests that the San Diego Chargers feel he is valuable weapon for the offense. 

He was quiet in his touchdown totals, but he did carry the ball over 200 times and compiled 11,76 all-purpose yards. I think Cam Newton will be a little more limited in his rushing capabilities to start the season, and with a depleted receiving core, Williams, Jonathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert should see a lot of action. It also isn’t a bad idea to draft Stewart after the 10th round, as you will have access to both backs if one emerges as a clear starter. 

If you were worried that you would have to draft all rookie running backs after you selected your receivers, these players should ease your worries. 

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