2014 Fantasy Football Week 2: Zero Running Back Strategy Review

With Week 2 of the NFL season now almost complete, fantasy football players will have a few more pieces data to pile over to judge the effectiveness of the Zero Running Back Strategy.

The Zero Running Back strategy helps to eliminate the risk of drafting a running back who will not return the same value as his draft position. Even if Calvin Johnson didn’t get you as many points as you would have liked this week, you still could have drafted Jordy Nelson, and you would have had a huge day.

For standard scoring leagues, here are the results for the top-10 scoring receivers in Week 2:

Wide Receiver Points
Jordy Nelson 26
Brandon Marshall 22
Randall Cobb 17
Sammy Watkins 17
Dez Bryant 16
Mohamed Sanu 16
James Jones 15
Michael Crabtree 14
Julian Edelman 14
Julio Jones 14

Even though A.J. Green, Johnson and Demaryius Thomas didn’t really go off, if you used the strategy an drafted wide receivers in the fourth or fifth round,however, you probably at least had Nelson, Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Michael Crabtree or Julian Edelman as the second, third or fourth wide receiver for your team.

If you drafted Eddie Lacy in the first round and Doug Martin in the second, however, your team is probably 0-2 right now.

As of Week 2, DeMarco Murray appears to be the most consistent back in the 2014 fantasy football season. His talent was never in question, but a poor health history pushed him near the end of the second round for most ESPN 12-man leagues. Bruisers Marshawn Lynch and Chris Ivory have also provided consistent results, as they have each recorded two-straight weeks of 10 or more points.

This data could change slightly because of the fact that the receivers and running backs for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts are playing on Monday Night Football, but there should not be a ton of drastic changes.

The receiver you drafted as a first-round pick may have not lit up your fantasy scoring board this weekend, but there is a good chance that the receivers you drafted after the first round did.

That safety, is why you pursued the Zero Running Back Strategy.

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