Starting RB Bobby Rainey After Week 3

I know a few people who are really into cars, and Corvette owners have a long unwritten law that if you see another Corvette owner driving past you, you acknowledge that person with a little wave. Why do people do this? When you have the same passion as a complete stranger, it helps the world feel just a little smaller, and it is nice to know someone else out there “gets it”. Along with camaraderie, I think this tradition really took off, because only someone who has been in your shoes can know the effort and struggles associated with making your car look and sound its best. Similar to Corvette owners, fantasy football owners know the struggle of starting running back Bobby Rainey.

Going forwarwd, Rainey’s success will be tied to the amount of opportunities he gets to touch the ball, because he will have some competition. Doug Martin was a scratch when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took on the Atlanta Falcons, but it appears he will give it a go in Week 4 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Owners of Rainey will need to watch the status of Martin through the week, as the Steelers provide a friendly matchup for running backs.

After Week 1-3, this is a breakdwon of Rainey’s performances:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Rushing Attempts 4 Rushing Attempts 22 Rushing Attempts 11
Rushing Yards 12 Rushing Yards 144 Rushing Yards 41
Rushing Touchdowns 0 Rushing Touchdowns 0 Rushing Touchdowns 0
Receptions 2 Receptions 3 Receptions 7
Receiving Yards 8 Receiving Yards 30 Receiving Yards 64
Receiving Touchdowns 1 Receiving Touchdowns 0 Receiving Touchdowns 0
Defense Rank Against Rush 26th Defense Rank Against Rush 28th Defense Rank Against Rush 20th
Fantasy Points Standard Scoring League 5 Fantasy Points Standard Scoring League 17 Fantasy Points Standard Scoring League 6

He did see an increase in his involvement in the passing attack against the Falcons, but that game was so out of control, that his seven receptions from Thursday appear to be more of an outlier than something that will occur on a regular basis.

Rainey has faced some defenses that should allow running backs fantasy success this season, but that won’t be the case for the next few games. As mentioned, he does have a nice matchup against Pittsburgh, but then Tampa Bay will face the New Orleans Saints(10th against the rush) and the Baltimore Ravens(8th against the rush).

Looking ahead, Rainey will face a deadly combo that kills fantasy football production: A potential decreased role in the offense and tough opponents.

I don’t really believe in Martin, but I think Rainey is still going to give you a headache from week to week.

While his stock is still somewhat valued, I would test the waters with Rainey as trade bait for your opponents who have injuries at the running back position.

That nod you could share with a known Rainey owner may make you feel a connection with others, but you should let another owner share in the headaches and maintenance that comes with owning the 26-year old running back.

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