Zero Running Back Strategy: Week 3 Results

Now that Week 3 is all wrapped up, fantasy football players are stating to see the benefits of the Zero Running Back Strategy.

Here are the highest-scoring fantasy football wide receivers thus far, in the 2014 NFL season:

ESPN Fantasy Football Wide Receiviers

Stats courtesy of ESPN

For most drafts, Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall and Jordy Nelson were the top receivers off of the board.

For standard scoring leagues, here is how the players mentioned above are ranked among their fellow wide receivers:

Julio Jones: First

Calvin Johnson: Fourth

Jordy Nelson: Fifth

Dez Bryant: Eighth

Brandon Marshall: 10th

Outside of top 10- A.J. Green

Outside of top 30-= Demaryius Thomas

It is important to note that A.J. Green did not score any fantasy points in Week 2, and yet, he is still inside the top-20 wide receiver in fantasy football scoring. If he didn’t miss a week, he would most likely be in the top 10.

Outside of Thomas, the wide receivers you selected in the early rounds have lived up to their costs.

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  1. Thomas is killing me. Wait until Welker gets back in the swing of the offense after the Bye week. Trade D Thomas while you still can!

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