Placing in FanDuel’s $10 Million Fantasy Football Championship

Like many of you, I got destroyed in daily fantasy football in Week 3.

I thought I had lost every single matchup, but a silver lining sprouted when one of my entries into the FanDuel $10 Million FFC placed. I am still far away from taking down the grand prize, but this is the second week in a row that I have placed in this tournament. If you want your chance of taking down a first-place prize of $2 Million, start playing now.

Again, I wasn’t able to take down the big prize, but I was able to place 1,137 out of 21,664 contestants.

Here was the team I selected:

FanDuel Fantasy Football Drafting A Team

Image courtesy of FanDuel

Outside of Andre Johnson and LeSean McCoy, I had a very solid team. McCoy had the honor of being the most expensive players on my team, but he was also the least productive.

My strategy behind Week 3 was to load up with strong dual-threat running backs, and place wide receivers with nice matchups around them. From my experience, I find that it is normally better to pay up for your quarterbacks, but if you can find a cheaper one facing a weaker team, you can let the dice roll. He was owned by less than 1% of players in this tournament, but Ryan Fitzpatrick outperformed his price tag against the New York Giants.

I thought the Chicago Bears‘ offense would have some issues against the New York Jets, and Robbie Gould provided a decent day. For how bad the Jacksonville Jaguars‘ offense has performed this season, I thought the defense for the Indianapolis Colts would have the ability to create a few turnovers. I would be a little weary instantly plugging any defense in against the Jaguars moving forward, however, as Blake Bortles could provide much more competency to the passing attack.

The 10th-highest scoring team in this tournament finished with 160.72, so if a few things would have gone differently with McCoy and Johnson, and if T.Y. Hilton could have added a touchdown, things could have looked very different.

I am not here to give you a “what if” speech, however. My team performed well enough to place, but it wasn’t good enough for the prize I am after. I am encouraged that I placed twice in this tournament, and I am going to continue to review my results and continue my quest of creating the winning lineup that will take this tournament down.

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