Week 4 FanDuel Advice

This week, I have a special guest column from Eric of FantasyLoot.com, who will discuss who to select and who to avoid in your daily fantasy lineups.

Last week I gave you a handful of players to buy and others that you shouldn’t touch. In all reality, the week was close to a wash. Most of the players on the “buy” list performed okay, except Brandon Marshall. Considering his in-game injury and his called back touchdown, it could have been a much different scenario.

The “don’t buy” list wasn’t horrible, but Antonio Brown proved to me he’s a top tier receiver and needs more respect, regardless of matchup.

With that said, let’s look as some players you should be all in on this week on FanDuel , and a few others you should be very careful with.

Remember, in this column, we’re only looking at higher priced players, typically $8,000 or more.


Philip Rivers: $8,400 – Rivers has a matchup with the Jaguars this week. We don’t really need to talk about it anymore. The Jags are giving up just a hair under 40 points per game.

Matt Forte: $8,600 – Forte hasn’t been his old self. In fact, we had him on the “don’t buy” list last week. I like this matchup versus the Packers a lot though. I expect him to get back to the fantasy stud that he is this week. Of all the top priced running backs, I feel Forte has the biggest potential for a huge game in Week 4.

Antonio Brown: $8,400 – We’ll continue the trend of putting a player on last week’s “don’t buy” list on this week’s “buy” list. Brown has a 19 game streak of at least 5 catches. That’s very impressive! He should continue that trend against the Bucs.


Aaron Rodgers: $9,500 – He finds himself on this list again. His name alone is the reason for being so over-priced. Until he shows something different, there’s no way he should be touched at this price. There’s much better options available for significantly less money.


Brandon Marshall: $8,500 – I promise I’m not purposely just flip-flopping my busts from last week, although it appears that way. Marshall’s injury scares me. After he re-aggravated his ankle, he just wasn’t the same. Cutler was forced to rely on Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett, and it paid off. I think he’ll continue to look their way this week if Marshall is still hobbled by the ankle. Marshall could have a good game, but I’d use caution. Take Brown for $100 less.

Arian Foster and Jamaal Charles– They’re priced at $8,400 and $8,300 respectively. At this point, it’s not even certain they will play. If they do suit up, we don’t know what their role will be. Stay away for this week, until we have a better idea of the situation. There’s nothing worse in one week fantasy football than paying over $8,000 for a player who doesn’t enter the game.

Best of luck this week! Do your research, find value, and finish in the money.

Want to see how you can construct a team with these plays? You can find my personal lineup for this week’s Fanduel 50/50 leagues here. 

Eric is the owner of FantasyLoot.com. You can connect with him on Twitter at @FantasyLoot, or on Facebook to see all his advice for your daily fantasy football lineup.

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