Fantasy Football: Week 9 Kicker Production Review

If you are trying to land in the big money on FanDuel, you need to have the right kicker on your roster.

In most cases, you are going to completely whiff on the kicker you take. Having said that, that doesn’t mean that I can’t try to find some sort of consistency in the seemingly randomness of field goals.

For Week 9, the five highest-scoring kickers are listed below.

ESPN Fantasy Football Kickers

The average team score for the kickers listed above was 34.4. The Cleveland Browns were the only team to score under 30 points on this list, but that did seem to increase Cundiff’s role.

These are kickers who play on teams that Bleacher Report projects will score 30 or more points:

Mason Crosby– $4,800 FanDuel Price

Brandon McManus-$4,700 FanDuel Price

Shaun Suisham– $4,700 FanDuel Price

Matt Bryant– $4,500 FanDuel Price

We will see if the 34.4 point average will carry over for Week 10, but these are some great prices for kickers who could provide some quality production.

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