If Gary Kubiak Coaches the Denver Broncos

While the Baltimore Ravens‘ offensive coordinator seemed to be firmly committed to his current job, Gary Kubiak will meet with the Denver Broncos‘ brass this weekend in regards to the open head coach position.

A new head coach can bring significant changes to a team(good and bad), but I’m more interested in how Kubiak will utilize his running backs. With new talent emerging like C.J. Anderson, and the 2013 second-round draft pick Montee Ball still in the mix, fantasy football players have a lot to be hopeful for if Kubiak takes the reigns.

Under his tutelage with the Houston Texans and Ravens, running backs have found a great amount of success, which has obviously benefited fantasy football players.

Here are some of the highlights:

Player/Year Rushing Yards Rushing Touchdowns Receiving Yards Receiving Touchdowns
Steve Slaton-2008 1282 9 377 1
Steve Slaton-2009 437 3 417 6
Arian Foster-2010 1616 16 604 2
Arian Foster-2011 1224 10 617 2
Ben Tate-2011 942 4 98 0
Arian Foster-2012 1424 15 217 2
Justin Forsett-2014 1266 8 263 0

It’s too early to speculate how Anderson and Ball would fit into a game plan, but it’s obvious that each back needs to be on your radar.

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