Wrapping Up the 2014 Fantasy Football Season

As any true Fantasy Football player knows, the Super Bowl marks the beginning of preparing for the next season.

As I’ve had a moment to catch my breath, I just want to thank everyone who has checked out any of our articles, and thank people for their kind words. I hoped some of our advice helped you during the season, and even more than that, if some of our advice helped you become a better fantasy football player, than we did our jobs.

The start of the 2015 Fantasy Football will be here before you know it, and I am excited for what the third year will bring for Your Fantasy Football Coach. I have some very exciting news for in the next coming days and weeks, and there will be fresh content for the 2015 Fantasy Football season very soon. I am looking to beef up the writing staff, and I will have more on that later.

Your Fantasy Football Coach will also feature social media outlets differently heading into 2015, and here is a general breakdown:

Facebook- I will post articles and have myself and the staff readily available to answer questions since we aren’t restricted to 150 characters. This will help to provide not only better and more concise answers to your questions, but it will lend the entire staff to your disposal, so you can easily get different viewpoints. Like us on Facebook. I might also throw a funny meme in the mix.

Twitter- I will retweet popular stories and share news. Follow us on Twitter.

Pinterest- Pinterest is an easy way to see relevant information in one spot. If you want to see rankings for the top quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs and tight ends all in one spot, we will have a board for that. If you want to see a list of sleepers, we will have a board for that. Check us out on Pinterest.

I also want to thank the writers for Your Fantasy Football Coach, and I expect even bigger and better things for them in 2015.

Thanks again for all the support in 2014, and I can’t wait for the 2015 season.

Your Fantasy Football Coach- Jack Delaney

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  1. Jack, looking forward to keeping up with your updates during the 2015 season. Give us a follow back if you’d like, we are a new operation with lots of fantasy experience. And some humor!

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