2015 Fantasy Football: RB Carlos Hyde’s Leg Injury

Running back Carlos Hyde will be a hot pick in 2015 Fantasy Football leagues, but he sat on the sidelines for OTAs last week because of a leg injury.

I haven’t seen too many updates since Hyde missed time last week to an undisclosed leg injury, which should make feel Fantasy Football players a little uneasy. His Tweet before that practice doesn’t really help matters.

I’m not a fan of Hyde for several reasons, and this only puts further distance between himself and my Fantasy teams in 2015.

The Dangers in Drafting Carlos Hyde

For starters, Hyde is being drafted at the end of Round 3 on FantasyFootballCalculator.com. That is a huge investment to make when the team signed Reggie Bush and Kendall Hunter has returned from a torn ACL. While Frank Gore was able to catch passes when called upon, Colin Kaepernick has never had a true pass-catching back during his tenure in San Francisco. There are also reports that Bush and Kap are building a nice rapport together, and even Bush said that he wants to get his new quarterback comfortable with the fact that he can rely on bush for a quick check down if he gets in trouble.

When you also look at the fact that you can draft Melvin Gordon, Lamar Miller, Joique Bell and Andre Ellington after Hyde it doesn’t make sense to me to draft Hyde.

He may be the lead back in the future, but I think he will disappoint overly aggressive Fantasy Football players once again in 2015.

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