DraftKings: 2015 Week 1 Salaries

The 2015 Fantasy Football season is a little over a month away, but DraftKings helped provide fodder until Week 1 with the prices for the $10M Millionaire Maker.

As I write this, there are already over 3,000 people signed up. Week 1 is always tricky because we don’t have an exact idea of how a team or a player is going to perform. We can use previous numbers and stats to make our best guesses, but an NFL team is a living and breathing entity that changes from year to year.

Training camps and preseason play will help us get a better picture of what to expect, but I wanted to take time to look at some of the pricing structure for the quarterback position. I am going to focus on an expected price, a surprising price and a price I feel is an absolute steal.

Let’s start with the quarterback position.

DraftKings Week 1 Quarterback Prices

Expected: Aaron Rodgers Vs. Chicago Bears 

Price: $8,600

It’s not a surprise that Rodgers is the most expensive quarterback for Week 1. He deserves the top spot because of his abilities, but the pricing also reflects his opportunity against a shaky Chicago defense. A defense can change from year to year, but it also takes a lot of moving pieces to turn a poor defense into an elite defense in just one season. In 2014, the Bears’ defense allowed the second-most points per game (27.6), and Rodgers torched them with 10 ten total touchdowns in 2014.

Surprising: Cam Newton Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Price: $7,600

Seemingly, Newton has one of the better matchups in Week 1, but he is only $200 more than Eli Manning. He had a rough start to last season with various injuries, but he really started to turn it on at the end of the season. The 26-year old quarterback averaged 65.66 rushing yards in his last three games, and he also topped that off with three rushing touchdowns in his final three performances. I’m also not expecting the Jaguars to turn into the Seattle Seahawks this season, so I think a healthy Newton can really do some damage on the ground. He also has solid weapons in second-year receiver Kelvin Benjamin, rookie Devin Funchess and tight end Greg Olsen.

Steal: Sam Bradford vs. Atlanta Falcons

Price: $6,900

Chip Kelly was highly questioned for some of his offseason moves, but he will be ready to showcase his genius in Week 1 on Monday Night Football. The Philadelphia Eagles do not have the advantage of playing at home, but this game has all of the makings of a blowout. The defense for the Atlanta Falcons allowed the sixth-most points last season, and the Eagles scored the third-most points per game. Of course, Bradford needs to be healthy enough to start Week 1, but early news from trading camp suggests he should be ready. Under Kelly, Mark Sanchez recorded the best competition percentage of his career last season, and Nick Foles put up 27 touchdowns and two interceptions in 13 games in 2013. Fantasy players still don’t seem ready to trust Bradford in the mock drafts and season long leagues I am participating in, so it will be interesting to find out if players are generally ignoring Bradford on DraftKings or plan to stack him with Jordan Matthews or Zach Ertz.

You can sign up or save your spot for the $10M Millionaire Maker and other Fantasy Football contests, or you can compete in MLB, MMA, Golf and Nascar contests until the football season starts.

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