2015 Fantasy Football MFL 10: Draft Five

This is my fifth completed MFL 10 draft, and I plan on participating in a total of 10 for the 2015 Fantasy Football season.

If you think you’re a solid drafter, you should participate in as many MFL 10s as you can. If you sing up for 10 and only win one, you essentially won your money back. If you win two, or 20% of your drafts, you doubled your money. Use those odds to your advantage.

Let’s take a look at my fifth draft.

MFL 10 Strategy

MFL 10 Strategy


I don’t know if more and more fantasy writers are playing MFL 10s now, but the quarterbacks are going extremely late. I snagged Cam Newton in Round 8. He was plagued with so many injuries to start the season that his mobility was extremely limited, but he turned things on the ground at the end of the season. He scored three rushing touchdowns in his last three performances, and he also averaged 65.66 rushing yards per game in those last three performances as well. I backed up Newton with Jameis Winston which is a risky move, but I don’t have the headache of figuring out when to start him each week. I only gain from his big performances, and Winston has a seemingly cushy schedule with six games in the NFC South.

I like the pick of Derek Carr, but sadly it was not one I intentionally made. This was a rare occasion where I didn’t plan ahead and an autopick occurred overnight. I would prefer to have added another receiver or running back, but Carr will also have his moments in 2015 because of the overhaul on the offense.

Running Backs

My running back core mainly consists of Giovani Bernard and Shane Vereen. I would be hesitant to own Bernard as one of my main starters in a standard scoring league, but I feel much more comfortable with him in a PPR format. If he rushes for 30 yards in a game and records 40 receiving yards, that is only seven points in a standard scoring league. If he rushes for 30 yards and catches five passes for 40 receiving yards in a full PPR league, however, that is 12 points. Vereen has the potential to finish with 1,000-total yards between the rushing and passing attack, and the only thing that worries me about Vereen is his touchdown production.

I also added a few more pass-catching backs with the additions of Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles. I wouldn’t touch Sproles in standard formats, but this is the league where you want to own him. Chip Kelly does not care about your Fantasy Football team, and he will implement DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews and Sproles as he sees fit. I also drafted DeAngelo Williams to take advantage of his potential to start the season as the lead back for the Pittsburgh Steelers during Le’Veon Bell’s suspension. Williams is also the handcuff to own incase anything happened to Bell. The Cleveland Browns are going to rely on a hot hand at the running back position, so Terrance West was super cheap as a 12th-round pick who could have a few relevant games here and there. I finished off the draft by adding Toby Gerhart incase he receives the short-yardage work and rumbles in for touchdowns over T.J. Yeldon.

Wide Receivers

This was one of the stronger sets of receivers I have drafted so far in my 2015 MFL 10 leagues.

I started my first three picks off with wide receivers: Dez Bryant, Alshon Jeffery and Brandin Cooks. I can’t complain with those three as my starting receivers, and I looked to sure things up with value picks in the middle of the draft. I added Allen Robinson in Round 6 and followed that with Charles Johnson in Round 7. Since I have more than enough star power and potential start power at the receiver position, I only needed to add one more receiver for depth. Greg Jennings is way undervalued in this type of format, and he could have a few big performances to start the year until DeVante Parker is healthy and knows his way around the offense.

Tight Ends

Delanie Walker quietly put up good football numbers in a bad offense, and he will be a model of consistency for Marcus Mariota. I took a swing with Rob Housler just incase he can play the role the Browns envisioned Jordan Cameron to play.


I don’t place a lot of stock in defenses because units change from year to year, so it really depends on the situation for when I draft defenses. I was more than comfortable selecting the Miami Dolphins in Round 16, and I liked the San Francisco 49ers the best out of the available options in Round 19.

I decided to go heavy on wide receivers early in this draft, so I have to hope that Bernard and Vereen can offer weekly consistency and my other running backs can fill in as needed. I am going to live and dye by my receivers, so I have to wait and see how far that gets me in 2015.

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