2015 Fantasy Football MFL 10 Team 3 Review

Initially, I was not a big fan of my third MFL 10 Fantasy Football team when the draft was completed.

2015 MFL 10 Draft

After letting it digest, however, I came away with a better appreciation for this squad. I had the eighth pick in the draft, so I was thrown a little off course when Eddie Lacy was still on the board. I was all over Calvin Johnson with pick 2.05, so the start of my draft looked favorable.

I feel comfortable with my running backs, but I’m worried that I don’t have enough depth at the wide receiver position. What if something happened to Johnson? Brandin Cooks would most likely take over as my highest-scoring receiver each week, but who would step up to fill the other spots?

Amari Cooper is a rookie who may need a few games to offer Fantasy relevancy

Devin Funchess is a rookie overshadowed by Kelvin Benjamin

Pierre Garcon isn’t in a great situation for Fantasy success

Cordarrelle Patterson could make me look savvy as a Round-14 selection, but he can’t offer me consistency until he carves out a consistent role in the offense

Cole Beasley became more involved in the passing attack as the season went on in 2014, but his value will be when he comes out of nowhere for a big performance

What do I really need in production from my wide receivers to support my team?

2015 MFL 10 Rules

Is it possible for a third running back on my team to score more points than the fourth-highest scoring receiver?

I feel the running back position is locked down for two of the spots: Lacy and Andre Ellington. A lot of people aren’t high on Ellington, but he finished as a top-20 back with only 12 games under his belt last season. He also played most of the games hurt, so I am big on him if he can stay on the field.

After that, I think Tre Mason has the edge. It’s still unclear when Todd Gurley will return, so Mason will have the rushing attack placed on his shoulders. Benny Cunningham still will be in the mix for the passing attack and third-down duties, but Mason is currently the back most likely to start the season off with the majority of the rushing workload.

After that, Duke Johnson offers value as a pass-catching back, and the rest of my running backs will benefit from any injuries or performance issues the starters on their teams may face.

So, if Lacy, Ellington and Mason can offer consistently strong performances each week, I will only have to rely on Johnson, Cooks and most likely Cooper. Tight ends Jordan Cameron and Tyler Eifert could also combine for mammoth performances in any given week, and that will benefit me if any of the backs or receivers I generally rely on fall short off their general consistency.

This team is built around Lacy and Johnson, so I don’t have much room for injuries. I’m still not fully won me over, but I think it could be pretty competitive if everything

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