2014 MFL 10s Strategy Review

I entered three MFL 10s in the 2014 Fantasy Football season and…….. I didn’t win any money.

For those of you who don’t know, MFL 10s are slow drafts (players have eight hours to make a pick), have 20 rounds and it is best ball scoring. That means that each week you don’t set a lineup and the highest scoring players for each position are counted as your starters. So if you had Teddy Bridgewater and Jay Cutler and Cutler only scores two points, you will get the points from Bridgewater as long as he scores more than two points. It’s easy and a great format if you love to draft. You don’t have to worry about setting a lineup and you can’t make any moves on the waiver wire. Plus, it’s only $10 bucks and the winner gets $100 big ones.

Two of my teams were in constant contention for first place throughout the season, while my other team just sucked. I plan on entering more leagues in 2015, so I wanted to review my rosters from 2014 and see what I could do to improve.

MFL 10s Roster 2

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 6.52.35 AM

This lineup finished third.

What I Liked

I had arguably the best quarterback in the NFL on my team and backed him up with two guys I thought may have upside. Nick Foles was having a decent season until he was injured and while Blake Bortles struggled in his rookie year, I didn’t mind using a late pick on him to see if he had any upside. Remember, there could be weeks where Bortles could score even more points than Rodgers, so it doesn’t hurt to have a little variety.

I think I did a great job backing up my core running backs. Even though Le’Veon Bell did not need a backup, I spent an early pick on Zac Stacy and am grateful I picked up Tre Mason.

My wide receivers were dominant with Antonio Brown, Jeremy Maclin, Emmanuel Sanders and Anquan Boldin was a solid veteran to have in the mix. I have no complaints in the wide receiver department.

What I Didn’t Like

While my wide receivers were top notch, I took too many speculative risks in drafting running backs. I didn’t really have a great starter other than Bell for most of the season and Charles Sims and Christine Michael never emerged.

My tight ends really bottomed out as well. I placed way too much faith in Eric Ebron and I probably should have drafted a third tight end in this league just for depth. In my 2015 leagues, I plan to draft a tight end a little earlier so I can end up with a more reliable starter.

I thought I was making a savvy move in adding another skill position rather then cover my kicker’s bye week, but all possible points are crucial each week, and I missed out because I didn’t have a backup. I was high on the Bears’ defense last season because I thought they could turn it around but that didn’t happen and I ended up with two weak options. While I would never jump the gun and draft a defense before Round 10, I do need to focus on more reliable options for my 2015 drafts.

MFL 10s Roster 2

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.04.55 AM

This lineup finished third as well.

What I Liked

I probably had a little bit of overkill in terms of the quarterback position but I think it’s still valuable to have three roster spots incase something happens to your main starter. If Luck was hurt and Cutler was benched then I would only have Bridgewater to rely on.

I had decent receivers in this draft, but my plan was to try and land both Maclin and Jordan Matthews. With such a high-powered offense, I figured that one of them would have to have a good game each week.

What I Didn’t Like

I’m really surprised that I was in the running for first place because I really didn’t like this draft out side of my quarterbacks. I spent too early of a pick on Graham which hurt me in other areas. My running backs were pretty weak and I only drafted one kicker and one defense to add extra roster spots for skilled positions. I didn’t have a lot of star power on this roster, and I think if I didn’t have luck then I would have finished near the bottom of the barrel.

MFL 10s Roster 3

I finished dead last in this draft.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.16.34 AM

What I Like

I thought this was a pretty good draft and I like the final roster. What crushed me, however, was the injuries. There isn’t really too much that sticks out than the injuries and I think barring those, this team would have been much more competitive.

Sam Bradford missed the entire season, Jake Locker missed most of it, Stevan Ridley tore his ACL, Adrian Peterson was suspended and my tight ends were disappointing.

So what did I learn? What can I do to win my leagues in 2015?

2015 MFL 10s

For starters, I’m going to look for more consistency at the tight end position. I want a guy like Delanie Walker and maybe throw in a guy with upside like Ebron this year or Austin-Seferian Jenkins. I know they won’t put up numbers like  Rob Gronkowski every week but I at least want them to be consistent.

I’m also focusing more on adding running backs this year and waiting on my quarterbacks. There are runs that happen quickly at the running back position which leave a lot of value in the middle rounds of drafts. You can still find quality wide receivers, but the running back pool is much more shallow.

This goes without saying, but I learned that you absolutely must have two defenses.

For my first year I thought I did pretty well, so with a few adjustments this year I think I can take down a few leagues. In my first MFL 10 of the season I had the fifth pick in the draft. We are only in Round 4, but here are my picks thus far.

1. Marshawn Lynch

2. Randall Cobb

3. Alfred Morris

4. Giovani Bernard

I was hoping to land Andre Ellington in Round 4 but he went just a few picks ahead of me. I’m still happy with my draft though and I’m excited to see how this roster turns out.

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