Gaining Exposure to Tavon Austin’s Upside

If you’re looking to capture the potential upside of Tavon Austin without having to directly giving a roster spot, look at adding the St. Louis Rams as your defense. Not only do you have the benefit of St. Louis facing Kirk Cousins, but you are also going to gain exposure to Austin while limiting his downside.

Capturing the Upside of Tavon Austin in Week 2

The Rams cost $3,100 on DraftKings, while Austin is $3,500. When he wasn’t on special teams, Austin recorded four carries for 17 rushing yards and caught two paces for -2 yards. His stats on offense were improved by a rushing touchdown, but his numbers show that St. Louis is still trying to figure out who to get their former first-round draft pick involved.

The Rams did succeed with Austin on special teams, as he turned a punt a 75-yard touchdown return. If you provide Austin with a starting spot as a receiver, you run the risk that he might only see five-total touches on offense. As far as an investment, the Rams are not only cheaper to own than Austin, but you are greatly reducing your risk. It’s true that you are paying more for the Rams than other defenses, but there is plenty of upside packed into this play for Week 2. Austin has a low floor with the potential of only seeing three-five touches on offense. If he didn’t score his rushing touchdown last week, he would have only recorded 12 yards of offensive production.

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