Should You Drop Karlos Williams?

Since he hasn’t played since Week 4, Fantasy Football players are asking themselves if they should drop rookie running back Karlos Williams. The Most Added/Dropped list from ESPN suggests a lot of players have already made up their minds.

Karlos Williams- 11.5% Drop Rate on ESPN

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I get the reason Fantasy Football players are dumping Williams. The Buffalo Bills have a bye in Week 8, which means Fantasy players have to make room for some bye-week fillers.

LeSean McCoy has also put together two solid weeks, creating less of a demand for Williams.

Player Week Rushing Yards Receiving Yards
LeSean McCoy 6 90 4
LeSean McCoy 7 68 36

But, McCoy was third on SCOUT’s Overused Running Back list. The list chronicles the running back who have rushed the ball 525 times or more in the past three seasons. Two of the top eight players in this list are already out for the season (Jamaal Charles and Arian Foster), and McCoy owners still have to worry about any lingering hamstring issues moving forward.

In terms of competition, Dan Herron and Anthony Dixon didn’t do anything to edge Williams out of a role when he returns. He is still McCoy’s primary backup, which makes him very valuable if a McCoy owner has recently dropped him.

Keeping Karlos Williams on Your Bench

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While Williams is still going through the concussion protocol, he isn’t battling any hamstring or calf issues which is good news for Fantasy players.

Whether you own McCoy or not, there are still a few plays you can make from the recent sell off of Williams:

1. You need to own him if you are a McCoy owner. If McCoy goes down, Williams is the next guy up.

2. If the McCoy owner in your league doesn’t own him, stash him on your bench. You don’t want to leave an instant replacement for one of your opponent’s starting running back on waivers. Make this a defensive move.

3. Pick up Williams for his upside. Whether it was through the ground or the air, Williams scored a touchdown in all four games that he has played in this season. In two out of his four games, he averaged 9.2 rushing yards per carry.

With the Fantasy playoffs just around the corner, you want to make sure you have enough depth and upside to make it through when things get tough. Williams provides both.

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