Moritz Boehringer 2016 Fantasy Football Profile

There were plenty of notable moments in the 2016 NFL Draft, but one of the later highlights came in Round 6 when the Minnesota Vikings drafted wide receiver Moritz Boehringer.

It wasn’t because of the team that drafted him, or his amazing slip down draft boards. Boehringer was the first European player to be drafted without playing college football.

Boehringer was inspired by YouTube highlights of new teammate Adrian Peterson, and despite not having the typical football experience, Boehringer caught the eye of a Viking’s scout team.

But, with a limited football background, what can we expect from Moritz this season?

What we do know about the 23-year old receiver is notable. Boehringer is 6-foot-4, 225 pounds. That makes him a huge target for Teddy Bridgewater.

He also posted some pretty impressive numbers during his pro day with the Florida Atlantic Owls, including a 4.43 40-yard dash time. He also posted a 39-inch vertical, and 17 reps on bench press. In fact, his numbers would place him among the top five wide receivers in each category comparative to this season’s crop of wide receivers.

His basic stats suggest that the Vikings may have found some solid value in their sixth-round pick.

Boehringer will be surrounded by young talent, which I think speaks highly of the new rookies chance to succeed. The coaching staff is not afraid of making the most of his rookie potential.

The most recent recipient of the staff’s tutelage is Stefon Diggs, who finished the 2015 Fantasy Football season with 720 yards,  and four touchdowns. That’s impressive considering Bridgewater only threw for 3,231 yards last season and 14 touchdown passes. 

While Stefon’s speed and hands were an asset to the Vikings, his size ( 6 foot, 195 pounds) doesn’t mean he’ll be banging it out in the end zone for jump balls.

While Diggs will likely remain the Vikings go-to-receiver for the 2016 Fantasy Football season, the team’s number two target, Mike Wallace, was released during the offseason.

Boehringer will have to duke it out with fellow rookie receiver Laquon Treadwell for a shot at the position. Also in competition for more looks are Charles Johnson and Jarius Wright. Treadwell, as of right now, is expected to make more of an impact in his rookie year.

Where I see Boehringer possibly shining, though, is in the end zone. His size is more relatable to Kyle Rudolph than the other receivers on the Vikings, but Boehringer is much faster.

If Boehringer can find a way to use his size and speed to his advantage, I predict he’ll have a strong shot of making the final roster. Of course, his biggest hindrance will be his lack of football experience.

While the Vikings are not likely to abandon the run if Peterson is healthy, they do have a lot of potential for improvement in the receiving game.

Bridgewater showed some flashes of brilliance last season, but he will have to simply throw the ball more if his receivers are going to be Fantasy relevant in 2016. As far as opportunities, Boehringer has a difficult road ahead, as he is currently buried on the depth char.

While he isn’t likely to be drafted in many yearly fantasy leagues, he’s on my radar as a dynasty draft pick. In fact, I drafted him myself.

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