Teddy Bridgewater 2016 Fantasy Football Profile

Although the improvements were slight, Teddy Bridgewater recorded better stats in the 2015 Fantasy Football than he did in the previous year.

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With a completely healthy Adrian Peterson back in the mix, Bridgewater wasn’t asked to do a whole lot. In fact, the Minnesota Vikings were able to finish with an 11-win season and earn a spot in the playoffs.

Fantasy Football players are valuing Bridgewater as a 14th-round pick right now, but many are wondering if that’s too low of a price.

Let’s take a look at Bridgewater’s 2015 Fantasy Football season, as well as what to expect from him in the 2016 Fantasy Football season.

2015 Fantasy Football Review: Teddy Bridgewater

While Bridgewater improved on his passing yard totals, he still remained relatively weak in terms of his touchdown production.

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When you look at the quarterbacks from his draft class, Bridgewater is pretty far behind everyone other than Johnny Manziel:

Blake Bortles 2015 Stats: 35 touchdowns

Derek Carr 2015 Stats: 32 touchdowns 

Bridgewater did have a big game in Week 15 when he torched the Chicago Bears’ defense for four touchdowns, but he was irrelevant for Fantasy purposes most of the season.

Peterson had a whopping 357 touches, and he moved the offense forward with an average of 92.8 rushing yards per game.

Although Bridgewater can improve on those touchdown totals in 2016, there isn’t any reason to expect a major uptick in his production if Peterson is healthy.

Teddy Bridgewater: 2016 Fantasy Football Weapons

Bridgewater will have an interesting set of weapons in 2016, but it’s going to be a headache for Fantasy players trying to predict who will emerge.

I was a big fan of Charles Johnson heading into the 2015 Fantasy Football season, as he’s a great mix of size, speed and strength. But he only caught nine passes last season and never found the end zone.

Johnson apparently injured a rib early in the season, and stated he didn’t feel like himself. But since this offense isn’t built on passing the ball, it’s hard to imagine him making a big impact in 2016.

Rookie Stefon Diggs had big performances in Week 4, 6, and 7, but his Fantasy relevancy quickly disappeared.

Week 4: 6 receptions, 87 receiving yards

Week 6: 7 receptions, 129 receiving yards

Week 7: 6 receptions, 108 receiving yards, one touchdown catch

His original draft profile says he could be a major weapon for the right coordinator, but he also has to have the right quarterback…

Laquon Treadwell was hailed as on of the most talented receivers in the 2016 NFL Draft, but he can’t do a whole lot if his team mainly runs the ball. He is just as limited as Diggs and Johnson.

Bridgewater does have a very interesting player to connect with, however, and his name is Moritz Boehringer. You can find more about the player who never played football in college right here.

Aside from his receivers, Bridgewater will have the always frustrating Kyle Rudolph. Despite being a built for the end zone at 6-foot0-6, 265 pounds, Rudolph has never exceeded 500 receiving yards in a season. He’s also only caught more than five touchdowns once in his career.

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Bridgewater doesn’t have an especially strong pass-catching back on the team, but Peterson, Jerick McKinnon and Matt Asiata can all catch passes.

Teddy Bridgewater 2016 Fantasy Football Outlook

I think there’s a better chance Bridgewater finishes next year with 20 touchdown passes than 14, but that’s still not enough to make him worth adding to your roster.

That’s not even enough to make him a backup on your MFL 10 roster.

The third-year quarterback has decent weapons, but there just isn’t enough of a need for him to throw the ball. If the Vikings can win 11 games and Bridgewater only threw 14 touchdowns, there isn’t a big need to change the formula.

Bridgewater has a strong work ethic and a quiet determination, but he’s just not going to make a massive jump into Fantasy relevancy in 2016 Fantasy Football leagues.

Let your opponents draft him in Round 14.

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