2016 Fantasy Football: Is Marshawn Lynch Retired?

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. And without much news during June and July, Fantasy Football enthusiasts especially love to hear stories on any type of preseason drama. 

The Marshawn Lynch Saga has all that and a bag of skittles.

Now, it’s true that there have been rumors of Lynch retiring over the past two seasons.That’s part of the reason why everyone is skeptical that Beast Mode is calling it quits for good.

And since Lynch is notorious for not talking to the media (#ImjustheresoIdontgetfined), his retirement “announcement” had to fit his personality perfectly.

Of course, he had to Tweet this during the Super Bowl. Lynch may not talk much, but he has no problem being heard.

Fantasy Football players were ready to move on from Lynch. But his retirement still had a few loose ends that needed to be tied up. Lynch didn’t sign his papers to formally retire from the Seattle Seahawks, and football fans started to wonder if the 30-year old back was really finished with football.

Lynch was in Egypt during March, so his first priority wasn’t signing forms. But then he was still listed as a running back for the Seattle Seahawks on the team website.


It’s true that there were reasons given for why the Seahawks hadn’t “officially” retired Lynch.

But rumors still swirled that Lynch really wasn’t hanging up his cleats.

Was BeastMode actually in RetirementMode?

Those within the Seahawks’ organization were left speculating as well. Cornerback Richard Sherman stated he wouldn’t put a change of heart past Lynch. General Manager John Schneider wasn’t even 100% positive that Lynch was actually retired.

Is Marshawn Lynch Really Retired?

When the Seahawks released Lynch, he would be  free to sign with any NFL team. This was the reason he most likely languished for so long on the roster. The brass wasn’t really sure of Lynch’s intentions, and didn’t want to give up what could be a powerful bargaining chip.

Last Tuesday, however, Lynch gave us all a compelling reason to believe he was retiring: He gave an actual interview.

Multiple times, he stated how comfortable he was with retirement. He stated BeastMode was hanging up his cleats.

“I’m done,”  Lynch said in one his latest interviews.

The world heard him loud and clear.

Of course, Sherman also said that Lynch is as predictable as a pair of dice. And the thing about a conspiracy theory is that it doesn’t matter if it is true. It just matters if people believe it.

And there are still people speculating that we will see Lynch make an appearance in the 2016 NFL season.

In my humble opinion, a return is HIGHLY unlikely.

But the more important thing to focus on right now, though, is the new lineup for the Seahawks. Thomas Rawls is the next man up to fill the giant hole left by the Lynch, but Seattle picked up a promising young rookie talent in C.J. Prosise.

These two will duke it out for the starting job with Christine Michael and Alex Collins nipping at their heels.

Stay tuned for a full profile on Prosise.

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