2016 Fantasy Football WR Outlook: Los Angeles Rams

Last season, the quarterbacks for the Los Angeles Rams only threw 11 touchdown passes.

On top of that, Nick Foles and Case Keenum only combined for 2,880 passing yards. Because of that, there wasn’t a lot of Fantasy production from receivers on the Rams last season.

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Even though rookie Jared Goff will go through his fair share of growing pains in his first year in the league, even a mediocre season from Goff will be viewed as a success compared to 2015.

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But despite how bad the quarterback situation was, there were a few players who provided relevant Fantasy performances. And when a good player is successful even in bad circumstances, those are the players you want to focus on.

Let’s take a look at the receivers on the Rams you want to focus on for your 2016 Fantasy Football league.

2016 Fantasy Football Outlook: Tavon Austin

Because he was on such a bad offense and is viewed as a gimmick player, he is being overlooked in most 2016 Fantasy Football leagues.

But if you look at his numbers a little more closely, you’ll find that he wasn’t that far off from being a strong Fantasy option.

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Last season, Austin rushed for 434 yards, recorded 473 receiving yards, and capped the season off with a total of nine touchdowns. In 2014, Giovani Bernard’s stats were very similar.

Players Rushing Yards Receiving Yards Total Touchdowns
Giovani Bernard 2014 Stats 680 349 7
Tavon Austin 2015 Stats 434 473 9

Bernard finished with 122 more total yards than Austin, but Austin had two more touchdowns. With 122 yards equating to roughly 12 Fantasy points and two touchdowns equaling 12 Fantasy points, they each came out almost exactly even in Fantasy points.

According to FantasyFootballCalculator.com, though, Bernard will cost you a sixth-round pick and Austin would cost you a 10th-round pick.

Now, it’s easy to assume that a healthy Todd Gurley is going to cut into more of Austin’s touches as a running back. But reviewing the numbers from last year, that might be the case. From Week 5-10, Gurley averaged 21 carries per game. In that same span, Austin averaged 3.6 carries per game.

That might not sound like a lot, but over a 16-game season, that adds up to 57.6 carries.

Also keep in mind that Austin actually tied tight end Jared Cook for the most red-zone targets (11) last season, which just highlights how really involved he was in this offense.

You still have to worry about Austin being used inconsistently, and you still have to worry that this offense is still going to struggle because of Goff struggling as a rookie or the lack of playmaking from Keenum.

But as a Round 10 pick, especially in a league like a MFL10 league, Austin is a steal.

2016 Fantasy Football Outlook: Kenny Britt

Britt isn’t even being drafted in some leagues, and that’s due to the fact that his season as a whole was forgettable.

The former first-round pick from the 2009 NFL Draft posted a 36-681-3 stat line, so I understand why he is being overlooked.

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But when you look at this roster and how it could take a step forward in 2016, Britt is being undervalued for PPR leagues. At 6-foot-3, 223 pounds, Britt is one of the biggest receivers on the team.

Britt finished the 2015 season with the third-most passing targets (76), and Cook is leaving behind his 79 targets.

He had one relevant performance in Week 3 last year, where he hauled in seven receptions for 102 yards. He was a top-20 receiver that week.

Even with just a slightly approved passing attack, Britt should see his numbers decline because of the departure of Cook. If Goff is under center, he will want to latch on to one of the biggest players on the team when he needs to chuck the ball up.

Since I’ve pretty much been the only person to add him to my roster in most of my drafts, you can find him still hanging around in the last few rounds. He might not be a regular starter, but he’s a nice depth addition with a very cheap price tag.

2016 Fantasy Football Outlook: Brian Quick

Quick’s season was cut short in 2014 because of a shoulder injury, but he looked like an absolute stud in the first four games of the 2014 season.

Receptions Receiving Yards Touchdowns
7 99 0
7 74 0
2 62 1
5 87 2

Last season, I hedged my bet of believing either Britt or Quick would have a successful season by drafting both. But with how Foles in Keenum played, that obviously didn’t work out.

Quick isn’t being drafted in any drafts I’ve been a part of this year, and it’s hard to justify adding him to your roster based off of four games from 2014.

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If you want to add him in the hopes he can repeat those numbers from two seasons ago, he won’t cost you anything. Just be ready to drop him quickly to make room for somebody from the waiver wire.

2016 Fantasy Football Outlook: Pharoh Cooper

Editor’s Note: We published a full report just on Cooper here.

Bottom Line: Although it’s not usual a motto you want to base your decisions off of, you have to ask yourself how much worse could things get for these receivers with rookie Jared Goff under center. Even with a disastrous rookie campaign, you would hope that he could at least throw more than 11 touchdowns. Austin is being undervalued right now, and he is currently a steal as a 10th-round pick. Kenny Britt also has more upside with Goff and the departure of Jared Cook. 

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