Should I Drop Jamaal Charles?

On Nov. 1, Jamaal Charles was placed on injured reserve.

That places Fantasy Football players in a tough position. Since you first heard the news, you’ve probably asked, “Should I drop Jamaal Charles?”

I’ve been asking the same question myself…

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That’s because I rolled the dice on Charles for two of my Fantasy Championship leagues. I selected him in Round 2 in both drafts.

League 1


League 2


I knew the risks in drafting Charles. But when I weighed the risks and rewards when I drafted him, I thought I was getting a steal.

Charles has a reputation for being hurt, but he’s played in 15 or more games in six out of eight seasons before 2016. And because of how much Alex Smith loves to target his running backs and tight ends, Charles could get you points as a receiver if he didn’t have a great game on the ground.

He’s one of the best dual-threat backs in the league.

But even though Charles is placed on injured reserved, there still seems to be some belief that he could return this season.

Even if that’s true, do you really feel comfortable starting Charles?

We all saw how long it took for him to get going, and I can’t imagine that he will be in Football shape if he’s able to return by Week 16.

It just sucks if you drafted him in Round 2. It’s even worse if he was your first-round pick.

But I have no choice. I have to let him hit waivers. With the Fantasy Football playoffs quickly approaching, there is no way I am going to let him sit on my bench and eat up space.

For Week 9, I dropped Charles for Antone Smith on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And for the other team I just dropped Charles for a defense, but I also picked up Marquise Goodwin.

Do I feel great about dropping my second-round pick for Smith and a defense?


But that’s what I had to do to make my team better. I’m not holding on to hope that Charles could be able to play in just Week 15 or Week 16, and somehow provide my team with a relevant Fantasy performance.

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If you still have Charles on your bench and are trying to figure out who to replace him with, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or shoot me an email for a more detailed response.

Just send me a screen shot of your waiver wire or let me know the players you plan on targeting.


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