Percy Harvin: Still Unclear For Week 8


Right now Percy Harvin is owned in 35.9% of ESPN leagues. Some people are of the theory that the passing game will open up when Harvin returns, while others say that Harvin will have a limited impact because the Seahawks are just simply not throwing the ball that much. Through 7 games, here is the break down of the Seattle Seahawk’s passing stats.

Week 1- 320 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown

Week 2- 142 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown(Marshawn Lynch)

Week 3- 323 passing yards, 5 passing touchdowns(vs Jaguars)

Week 4- 123 passing yards, 0 passing touchdowns

Week 5- 210 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns

Week 6- 257 passing yards, 0 passing touchdowns

Week 7- 235 passing yards, 3 passing touchdowns

So if you rule out the game against the Jaguars since that is a gimme and doesn’t really count and he didn’t play the whole game, Wilson is averaging 214.5 passing yards a game and 1.16 passing touchdowns a game. He has two games with 0 passing touchdowns and 1 game where he threw a touchdown to Marshawn Lynch.

Seattle offense coordinator Darrell Bevell stated that “I’m not sure what his role is going to be yet. I know what we would like him to do and what he brings. He brings explosiveness, he brings quickness, he brings toughness. I mean, he runs the ball outstanding. He’s going to be huge for us in the kicking game. So you want to have the ball in his hands.  So that’s about all I can say to it until we find out how he is going to be out there, what we can do with him, all the different places we can put him, how much retention (of the playbook) he is going to have. All that is just going to continue to build on itself once we know he is going (to play), how much he can go — that kind of thing.”

If you add it all up, it looks like Percy Harvin is going to have a somewhat limited role when he does get on the field, and Seattle has been winning games without Harvin, so they aren’t going to drastically change the playbook when Harvin hits the field. He isn’t going to help you make your playoffs, so unless you are 7-0, or 6-1, there are probably better options on the waiver wire that are going to help you rack up some wins for the next few weeks.

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