Fantasy Football Focus: Aaron Rodgers Ruled Out For Week 14


Even though this wasn’t much of a surprise, Aaron Rodgers owners are trying to figure out whether it is still worth holding on to him for their fantasy playoffs. The general consensus from the football community seems to be that if the Packers are in the playoff hunt, the Packers will obviously be inclined to try and get Rodgers into the mix. If they aren’t, you keep hearing the phrase “shutdown for the season”. Rodgers is a competitor and wants to play no matter what, but obviously playing Rodgers when the Packers are not in any type of playoff contention would be an unwise move. One of the bright spots of not making the playoffs would be the opportunity to find out if any active quarterback on the Packers is worth keeping to back up Rodgers for next year.

The Packers will face Dallas and their 31st pass defense in Week 15, and they will face the 11th ranked pass defense of the Steelers in Week 16. Week 15 would be a nice matchup, but even if Rodgers does play, there is no way to tell how he will look after his injury. You haven’t started Rodgers for a few weeks now, so it may be time to look at your roster and seeing where you can add depth. Keep him until mid next week, but pay close attention to any Mike McCarthy press conference.

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