MFL10 Running Backs I Keep Drafting

Right now, I’m in 15 MFL10 leagues for the 2016 Fantasy Football season. I plan to close it out at 20, but I wanted to take some time to review a few of the running backs I have drafted the most.

At the public league dashboard, you can find the players you drafted under the Full Leaderboard tab. Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.59.22 PM.png

It turns out the two running backs I’ve drafted the most are Chris Ivory and Isaiah Crowell.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.56.51 PM.png

Chris Ivory 2016 MFL10s

Jon Kelly had a great article earlier this year about Ivory, and we both agreed that he is undervalued. I haven’t targeted Ivory in my season long leagues, but I’m obviously a big fan of him in MFL10s.

The reason for that is I don’t have to guess how the workload between Ivory and T.J. Yeldon is going to breakdown each week in an MFL10. There could be cases where Yeldon rushes for 90 yards, but Ivory gets both of the red-zone rushing attempts and scores more than Yeldon on just two carries.

That’s going to be a headache to figure out each week, and I focus on drafting players in my season long leagues who offer consistency.

Editor’s Note: Last year, I won my first MFL10 league. All my insight about my winning MFL10 team is right here. 

But in an MFL10 format, Ivory will only start in my lineup when he has an optimal performance.

You see, the Jaguars struggled rushing the ball last year. As a team, the Jacksonville Jaguars only scored five rushing touchdowns. And that number is even worse considering quarterback Blake Bortles scored two of those rushing touchdowns.

Last year, Yeldon recorded just nine carries inside the 10-yard line. Four of those carries were inside the five yard line, but Yeldon was only able to score two rushing touchdowns.

Ivory was brought in to fix that.

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Last season, Ivory finished with the 4th-most rushing attempts in the NFL, tying Jeremy Hill and Doug Martin for 39 attempts.

Name Attempts Red-Zone TDs
Devonta Freeman 49 10
Adrian Peterson 47 8
Jonathan Stewart 47 6
Chris Ivory 39 6

If Ivory doesn’t work out and Yeldon can handle the whole workload himself, it’s not going to hurt my team. Ivory has an ADP of 100.30, which means he is available until the middle of Round 9 in most drafts, according to data from

Isaiah Crowell 2016 MFL10s

You can check out my article here where I breakdown why I’m a huge fan of Crowell.

In fact, I think pairing him and Duke Johnson could work out very well for your team…

But like with Ivory, I really like the rushing attempts in the red zone. Last season, Crowell finished with the 14th-most rushing attempts in the league, even though he was on the field for just 43% of the offense snaps and Johnson was on for 50.7%.

Name Offensive Snap % Attempts Red-Zone TDs
Duke Johnson 50.70% 4 0
Isaiah Crowell 43% 30 3

Crowell will lose targets as a receiver to Johnson, so his value is limited in a PPR league. You can draft Crowell even later than Ivory, though, limiting your risk if he’s a bust.

Crowell is being drafted at the end of Round 10, according to

Embed from Getty Images

In the next few days, I’m also going to release the top quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends I’ve been targeting in my 2016 MFL10s.

Hopefully this should help you in your MFL10 league, but as I mentioned, season long leagues are a little different. That’s why for the 2016 Fantasy Football season, I decided to make a class on Udemy to help players with their drafts.

I share a list of some of the top players to target in the middle rounds of your draft. But I also hope the class can help you develop and grow your own decision-making process.

I only have a limited amount of coupons for this course, but by following this link, you can receive $10 off the course.

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