Is Percy Harvin Worth Adding?

Percy Harvin decided to come out of retirement on Nov. 1, making him one of the most interesting waiver wire pickups in Week 9.

There’s been a ton of injuries so far in the 2016 Fantasy Football season, and the playoffs are just around the corner.

Everyone is looking to get an edge.

So Fantasy players are asking themselves, “Should I add Percy Harvin to my team?” 

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Normally, it’s hard to make a case for a player who hasn’t been Fantasy relevant since 2011.

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But because Harvin is only 28 and the Buffalo Bills are thin at wide receiver, he’s looking like an appealing option compared to what’s left on waivers.

Now, keep in mind that he’s an extremely speculative pick up. I would only make room for him on my bench under two scenarios.

The first scenario is if you are 8-0, 7-1, or 6-2 and have some dead weight on your bench. You can afford to make a speculative move and add Harvin to your team.

The other scenario I would consider adding Harvin is if you’re swinging for the fences with a 4-4 team. At this point, you need a lot of luck to grab a playoff spot.

But if you have players who are Fantasy relevant from time to time on your team, then I would avoid Harvin. That’s because if one of your starters goes down, you might have to heavily rely on him.

For instance, if you have Mike Evans and he gets injured, would you rather start Kendall Wright in Week 11 or Harvin? I know I’d want to start Wright because he’s at least in playing shape and has caught one pass in every game he has played in.

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We have no idea what kind of shape Harvin is in, what kind of rapport he will have with Tyrod Taylor this season, and how often the Bills plan to use him.

I’m all about trying to find value and tinkering with your roster.

But don’t spend too much to get him, and don’t give up a player who may need to rely on down the road.

The one player I’d keep an eye on the Bills who could start to be used more in the passing attack is Reggie Bush. If LeSean McCoy still has lingering injuries and if Mike Gillislee gets injured or is ineffective, Bush should have an increased role.

He was only on the field for 33% of the offensive snaps in Week 8, but he did post a 2-34-0 stat line as a receiver.

That’s 5.4 Fantasy points in PPR leagues.

So with just a few more carries and maybe an easy touchdown like he scored in Week 7, his ceiling looks more appealing.

If you have any lineup questions or want some more waive advice, hit me up on Twitter or shoot me an email.

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