Should I Drop DeAngelo Williams?

I drafted DeAngelo Williams in the 2016 Scott Fish Bowl, one of my season long leagues, and several MFL10 leagues. My reasoning was that he could at least give me an advantage in the first three games of the season.

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But after he didn’t score any Fantasy points in Week 5 and is reportedly dealing with a knee injury, Fantasy players are asking, “Should I drop DeAngelo Williams?”

It reminds me of the situation a lot of Fantasy players (myself included) have with Sammy Watkins. Ultimately, that came down to depth. I think you need to get as many wins as possible now, so you could drop him if you could find another receiver who could get you points each week.

If you have a deep bench, I think he’s worth keeping.

But Williams is different…

While Watkins is talented and can have big games, Williams can net you close to 30 Fantasy points each week.

Just take a look at his numbers from Weeks 1-3.

Week Rushing Yards Receptions Receiving Yards TDs
1 143 6 28 2
2 94 4 38 1
3 21 4 23 0

He only had eight carries in Week 3, so taking that into consideration, scoring eight Fantasy points was actually very solid.

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When I started to consider whether I should drop DeAngelo Williams back in Week 3, I was looking at several factors.

Dropping DeAngelo Williams Checklist

Is there any back who will have a more relevant workload than DeAngelo Williams moving forward?

The only player I would consider dropping Williams for right now is Justin Forsett. As great of a pass-catching back as Theo Riddick is, the team needs a player who can rush the ball.

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I spent a lot of my free agent bidding money on Dwayne Washington in several of my leagues, and that hasn’t worked out. But, I still have enough money in most of my leagues to put in a competitive bid for Forsett.

For competitive leagues, that’s the only back I can imagine who is still on waivers who would make it worthwhile to drop Williams.

Do you have enough depth to keep DeAngelo Williams?

If you’re in desperate need of a running back like Forsett because you drafted Adrian Peterson and Danny Woodhead, then I would drop Williams.

But if you have enough depth, I would keep him. Bell is going to be one of the top backs in the 2016 Fantasy Football season if he stays healthy and out of trouble. If he’s sidelined for any reason, though, Williams will be a top-five back each week as long as he is healthy.

That’s why I’m willing to hold on to him.

Could you trade DeAngelo Williams?

Whether you know the person or not in your league, throw out a few feeler trades. Remind them how well Williams did last year during Bell’s absence.

The player who owns Bell might have gotten off to a rough start, as he was suspended for three games. I normally send three trade offers to get the conversation started.

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In my experience, when someone has three choices, they are much more likely to accept a trade or offer a counter trade.

Conclusion on Dropping DeAngelo Williams 

I already have Forsett in my season long league where I have Williams, so I’m not going to drop him. I have enough depth to keep him right now, and my league doesn’t allow trading.

And because I have the possibility of owning a top-5 back each week if anything happens to Bell, I’m not going to keep him on my roster now and in the foreseeable future.

I’ll have to be flexible if something happens to my other starting backs, but there is no reason for me to drop him right now.

But that’s my team. If you have questions about your own team with Williams, feel free to shoot me a message on Twitter.

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